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"The Boy Will Be Dead By Morning"
"Walking Around the Resistance"
"Walking Down the Street"
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Teaching with Stories
Milton H. Erickson, a renowned American psychiatrist and psychologist, was known for his innovative therapeutic approaches, including the use of "teaching stories" as a means of facilitating change in his patients. These stories were designed to bypass the conscious resistance of his patients' minds and tap into their subconscious resources.

They engaged his patients' imaginations, raised their level of self-reflection and provided new perspectives on their situations.

In use today, the interpretation and impact of these stories may vary depending on the individual's context and personal experiences.

They showcase Erickson's skill to communicate profound insights to develop personal growth in his patients by encouraging listeners to reevaluate their interpretation of events and challenge assumptions.

These teaching stories exemplify Erickson's approach of using metaphor and allegory to convey complex psychological concepts to promote transformation.

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