Erickson's Stories
Additional Teaching Stories Summaries
Additional teaching stories summaries continue to showcase Milton H. Erickson's ability to use metaphor and storytelling to convey deep insights about life and human behaviour.
The Gardener and the Weeds: A gardener spends his time pulling out weeds from his garden. A visitor questions why he's so focused on the negative aspect of his garden. The gardener responds that if he only focused on the flowers, the weeds would take over. The story illustrates the importance of addressing challenges and problems alongside positive aspects.
The Sculptor's Masterpiece: A sculptor takes a block of marble and starts chiseling away at it. A bystander watches the process and asks how the sculptor knows what to remove. The sculptor replies that they see the masterpiece within the marble and are simply removing the excess to reveal it. The story symbolizes the idea of uncovering our true selves by letting go of what doesn't serve us.

The River and the Rocks: A river flows smoothly over a bed of rocks, encountering obstacles along the way. Instead of stopping, the river adapts its flow, maneuvering around the rocks and continuing on its path. The story illustrates the concept of navigating challenges with flexibility and resilience.

The Key and the Locked Door: A key feels frustrated because it can't open a locked door. It complains to a lock, asking why it's not cooperating. The lock replies that it's only doing its job and that the key's design is what determines its effectiveness. The story highlights the importance of recognizing our own capabilities and limitations.
The Mirror of Possibility: A mirror that shows people their true potential is placed in a village. Those who look into it see themselves achieving great things. However, some are disappointed because they fear failure, while others become motivated to work toward their dreams. The story highlights the power of self-belief and how our perceptions shape our actions.

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